Thursday, July 26, 2012

MLM: To ‘Team Build’ or NOT to ‘Team Build’ That is a good damn question!

MLM:  To ‘Team Build’ or NOT to ‘Team Build’ That is a good damn question!

We all know how difficult an MLM Downline Build Can Be!

There are a lot of MLM Team Builds forming all over the internet.  They are very popular in facebook groups.   MLM Downline Builds is probably the most difficult business to build as a new internet marketer.  Even seasoned Internet Marketers have a difficult time building a downline and keep it growing

A Growing Phenomena!

If an MLM team build has integrity, transparency, and honest administrators, they can be very effective and profitable for the team members.  Make sure to contact the admins, talk to them about the company they are involved with and what would be expected of you. Don’t promise anything if you can not follow up. That only hurts the team’s efforts.
Consider the product that the company is offering.  You don’t want to be purchasing a product that you are not going to use.  Research the product. You don’t want to represent a company that does not have a good reputation.
Look for how the admins of the group are placing new members.  Placing members in the next available position across is the absolute way to build.  Remember – an MLM build is a process, it could take months and you want to make sure you are prepared to stay in the downline.  It will grow, you just need to give it time.

Beware of False MLM Team Builds

I have seen several so-called team builds that are just not in your best interest.  They create a facebook group – tell you they will build your downline for you and than take all the leads for themselves promising you the overflow.  This is fine – but what they do not tell you is that you must grab your own personal signups – whether it be 2 or 5 or 10.  You might as well work for yourself.  If you are out there pulling all the leads into the facebook group, you should be guaranteed all the personal signups needed for you to advance.  It is just the right thing to do.
You are creating a nice big pool of people that are being bought in for the experienced marketer to scoop up for themselves.  It is deceiving, and something that I personally would want nothing to do with.

In Conclusion…..

A good MLM Team Build can be extremely profitable as long as you do your homework.  If you have a bad experience, don’t blame the MLM or the MLM Team Build.  Think about what you are doing, and make sure the group you join has integrity.  It could be a very rewarding experience for you.  Good Luck…. and lte the MLM to with you!

Friday, July 20, 2012

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Make Money Online With Internet Marketing... Finally

The idea of working gives us a lot of benefits:  Freedom of working at your own pace, working in your PJ's, a commute to the coffee pot in the morning while your friends are rushing around  to escape the morning rush.  I could go on and on - and than you could probably list a few of your own.  

Making money from home is what working mom's dream for.  No need for daycare, you could take the kids to school and than pick them up.  Just Imagine!  If I could have been a stay at home mom - I would be a different woman today!  My children, as teenagers may not have enjoyed me working from home, but I would have been thrilled.

The magic question, and I wish I could answer that question for you.  What I can suggest - do your research.  And remember - it does not happen overnight for most of us.  There are those that can turn dust to gold overnight.  I am not one of those fortunate golden children.  I have tripped, fallen, banged my head and at times felt like I got hit by a truck. So I have made a list of some things you should NEVER forget.

Making money online is going to take hard work, and if you think that money is going to just start falling in your pockets - get off the train now.  You have a lot to learn - sp be prepared.  Ste aside time everyday to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Be prepared to spend some money:  You will have to spend money.  This is your business, and you will want to invest in it!   When a product is FREE - it just means they want your email - they will than bombard you for more money.  Spend the money - but make sure you know what you are buying.  Google the product, you will get lots of reviews on it.  I love 'FREE TRIALS' - it always me to test the product before I spend my money on it!  You are building a business, it will cost money!

Well - that's enough for today - come back tomorrow - I will have more tips for you.
Let me know what you think - would love to hear what you have to say.