Friday, June 29, 2012

Why People from Around the World are Joining the Team

Renee Rakowsky.... Newton, MA.
there are sooo many groups and individuals out there marketing their program or their "system" and groups promising to build a downline

Some came before us and some are trying to use our idea and run with it...

THIS is the real deal. It is a compassionate, committed team of caring women [and men, we love you men who get it and wanna grow with us]. Not only do we have great leaders in Patti, Kerry and Alyson, the dynamic leaders that have come on board and created blogs, viddeo, youtube, as well as sites for outreach and so much more..

We WILL be a HUGE global community of women helping women succeed so, come along for the are home!

Grace Buma...... Dunnville, Ontario Canada
I love Women's Power Network,,,and so glad I joined...meeting people, we inspire each other to fulfill each other's dreams,,,we really do care for one another, and I get empowered when I see others working toward Team Success....We are becoming financially free together and will make the world a better place! In working together we honor one another's attempts to make a positive difference in our society, and we are all becoming successful together. See you on the wall!

Carmie Leo...... Land O'Lakes,Florida
One day I stopped grasping in the dark and focused on the light 
switch and it turned me on to WPN and the light became even 
brighter when I became Synergized... Success with an abundance of 
great friendships, people helping each other to become 
successful and a bonus of improved great health, wealth, weight, 
career, family and professional relationships, spiritual life 
and virtually any and every aspect of my life 

If you want to succeed on a level that makes you feel truly 
satisfied, then I encourage you to take some time right now and 
turn your light switch onto The Women's Power Network!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Choose Women's Power Network!

Welcome to WPN (as we like to call it). 

We are in the process of building an MLM Downline together as '1 Force'. This Facebook Page is an introduction to our build, the company we have signed, and how we work. 
This is your opportunity to join our business build. We have a wealth of information in the "FILE" tab located in our Focebook page.

We are working differently than most MLM builds - we are going deep - not wide.

Each member signed with the WPN Company (Synergy) understands that it only takes 2 people for everybody that joins us to begin the journey of earning commissions. 

My first commission check from my very first MLM was 12.50 - that was over 2 years ago. I am still receiving commission checks - and they are much larger now - but that took time. And they will continue to grow larger as people signup. The more people that sign up - the bigger my commission check gets. It will not happen overnight - and if you believe it will - this may not be for you. If you join any MLM with the expectations of earning a lot of money overnight - or next month - you will be disappointed, quickly annoyed and quit the MLM program. You have now lost money and curse MLM's for not working. 

With any MLM, and if you work it very hard (because it is your business), you should not expect any commissions for the first 3 - 6 months. That is just a common practice with any Direct Marketer. Of course if you are a 'marketing guru' - than you have worked hard to gain a following. A 'Guru' can throw a company up in the air and get 100 signups - all in one day. They make up the 3% we all aspire to be. But I always questioned how deep their downlines grew. The really successful ones - watered their downlines and grew deep roots. Their commissions grow monthly.

WPN is putting 1,000's of baby gurus together - and building as 1. You get the next position after the last signed (to our business build). Each time someone signs up (to our business build) - that upline makes commission. And in WPN/Synergy - we have Commissions being paid - a downline growing with deep roots. IN ONE MONTH – WE ARE MAKING MONEY!! We have just begun! This is AWESOME!!

Commissions will be paid as fast as our downline grows - and it is growing quickly. Patti Vaillant, Alyson MacLeod, and Kerry Andres have developed this concept, and it is working exceptionally well. Each member that joins becomes a part of our build - and begins to "Promote Our Page". When you understand our concept - you will join immediately. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron Dies at the age of 71

The Woman's Power Network morns the death of Nora Ephron. Our deepest sympathies to her sons, husband and fans from around the world. 

One of Our Most Brilliant Woman Journalists, Screen Writers, Comedian, Mom of 2, Wife dies at the age of 71.

Come Meet the Women's Power Network

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Women’s Power Networks Secret to Building a Massive Downline

The ultimate measure of your primary MLM business success is how large your downline is and how active and prosperous their downlines are.

If you have been around network marketing for a while, you may have attended meetings used to advertise different business opportunities. Many prospects come to these meetings and ultimately some people will sign up to be a part of the business. Many of these prospects do not understand the system and ultimately turn out to be unsuccessful. Many people’s downlines are filled with individuals who do not work actively at the business. How many people in your downline are active and involved in the business? That right there is how you discover the secret to building a massive downline. You have to find those individuals who have a keen interest in networking marketing and will be active in building their business. You have to help them become successful and this will make you more successful.

With this in mind – keep the Women’s Power Network in mind.

To truly attract people, this can happen through attraction marketing. With attraction marketing, you are focused on marketing that will attract people who will come to your website on their own. This is very cost effective as far as your marketing. This can happen through positioning your primary MLM business correctly and then focusing on how you can communicate your business to others. This can work very effectively when you are using social networking in connection with attraction marketing. With social networking, you will interact with online communities focused around the interest areas that are of importance. If these do not exist, create online communities focused around those interest areas.

Again – keep the Women’sPower Network in mind.

To truly be effective in your primary MLM business, it is essential to understand where to find people. This is where the social networking will be the most effective. Online communities can be very easy to find and it helps you with interacting with potential prospects. You can develop prospects plus it is a great form of market research. You can understand your prospects along with what can help solve their problems.

The Women’s PowerNetwork always promotes the ‘page’.  They are bringing marketers together willing to work together, building together, encouraging one massive downline together.

Another part of the secret in building a massive downline is that you must have a system in place. If the growth of your downline is dependent upon you deciding when you work and what you will do every day, you will limit your growth and how far you can ultimately go. You must have a system in place so that you complete certain steps every day to continue to those truly interested and people who truly can be MLM professionals. Many network marketing individuals are constantly looking for these same people so this system can be one way that you can be more successful at showing them what you have to offer than the next guy down the road.

The Women’s Power Network has taken all the positives of Network Marketing, takes the struggle out of your internet experience and offers a safe haven for success.   Within one month they have gathered over a thousand interested participants and with a conversion of 20% have begun a very strong build that is working.  Team members feel the empowerment of all working for the team’s common goal, for everyone to succeed.  It’s working!

The Talents at the Women's Power Network

Is what separates us from the rest!

I have introduced you to my team mate Gisele Defoy in other posts.  She continues to amaze us in her writings.  Check this out:

than Join Us at the Women's Power Network!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I Love About Women's Power Network

The Women's Power Network has started a 'synergized massive momentum'. People from all over the world working closely with each other, learning from each other, sharing ideas and their knowledge with each other - with a motto of: "Promote the Page and NOT the Product".

Meet my Women's Power Network friend Gisele Defoy, she is blogging for WPN.  Her articles are fantastic and worth the read:
and here
and her newest article:

Let's help Gisele out!  Read her great articles and give them a tweet and leave a comment.  This will help her grow as an Internet Marketer and Blogger.  This is what the Women's Power Network is all about!  Become a part of the greatest team on the internet:  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ten Steps: from the Women's Power Network Group

Come Join Us at:

1.Analyse the group before joining to determine its synergy with your business goals. The most successful professionals always invest time to research which groups will offer the best opportunity to connect with qualified prospects before investing time, effort and money in a networking group.

2. Set a maximum of three groups at any one time. Credibility grows more quickly within a group than across groups. You achieve more and better results by investing in fewer networking groups. Maximize your results by focusing your efforts around a small group of high-value relationships.

3. Commit to investing the quantity and quality of time required to reap the benefits. Others will naturally be cautious about you. Your attitude and actions over time are the most powerful and productive resources you have to help you overcome this. Relationships require investment and commitment, so be prepared to invest in a long term perspective.

4. Be pro-active in your dealings with other members. Human nature is such that we tend to resist coming out of our comfort zone. We wait for others to make the first step. Make it a point to continually seek out new contacts at every meeting. Suggest follow up contacts and stay in touch. Others will appreciate you for it.

5. Be selective in your relationships and commit to them totally. You cannot, nor should you try to create relationships with everyone you meet. Be personable and polite, but have the ability to identify high-value relationships. Then focus your time and efforts around these important people. Your future depends on it.

6. Make a tangible contribution to the group. Every group has survival as its primary purpose. One of the most powerful ways to develop trust and build credibility is to make a tangible contribution to the group in some way. This is one of the most overlooked networking group success strategies.

7. Continually look for ways to bring value to other members or the group. We live in a “me first” society. Focus on being helpful to others. When you seek to bring value or render service to others first, you immediately activate the principle of reciprocation. This simple strategy will have others see you in a completely different perspective than anyone else.

8. Be aware of the referral potential of the group. Every person you meet has the potential to help you achieve your objectives. Even if they cannot use your product or service, they may know someone who can. View every person you meet in this light and be prepared to communicate your needs to them when they ask.

9. Measure your results. Networking is largely a social activity. We tend to get involved in the social process and expect the relationship to generate results. Setting written objectives and reviewing on an on-going basis will ensure you are turning activity into productivity.

10. Continually develop new networking group opportunities. You, and your company or career, are in a continuously changing environment. What served your purposes last year may not fit into your vision today. Continuously evaluate your networking options by visiting new groups.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MLM Team Build Webinars

Women's Power Network Information Webinar 

Sunday June 17th 2012 


We hope you can attend to find out what this group is all about! 
There will be Q & A time as well.

Invite your friends and anyone who may be interested!

See you all Sunday @ 4pm - EST ♥

Join our group:   Woman's Power Network

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MLM Leaders ....

Turn Your Morning Commute Into a Trip to the 

We are changing how Internet Marketers do business!
We BUILD Your Downline for You!
Find out why we say "Promote the Page and not the Product"
Once you are there
Click on the 'FILES' Tab under the Picture

Sunday, June 10, 2012

MLM Team Build

It's new and different and working really well - and we want you to be in it with us. We are growing steadily and our downline is getting deeper. To be in a MLM build - that feels so good!

Do you really want to be successful in Internet Marketing - than please take a look at what we are doing! WPN/SYNERGY is JUST DOING IT! and we want you with us. We have a fantastic team that is creating 'synergized massive momentum', that are working together to reach long term MLM success. 

You have to start thinking a little differently, and sleep tonight thinking "PROMOTE THE PAGE AND NOT THE PRODUCT!" 
Ready - clear your mind and take a look at the photo above and start dreaming about deep, deep downlines! 

How we build: Patti is red and Kerry and Allyson are yellow. They were the first 3 in and Patty has 2 in her downline. They are the creators of WPN and the SYNERGY TEAM' thanks them every day!!

Now, Jenn, Kim, Ilana and Trevor are the next 4 to get 'synergized'. They are our green figures and 2 more downlines built and a $200 bonus is paid (Congratulations Patti! - Job well done!). Alyson and Kerry now have downline! WooHoo! The next 8 people (our blue line) go under Jenn, Kim, Ilana and Trevor. You are placed as you are 'SYNERGIZED'. And Congratulations to Kerry and Alyson - they have $200 bonus! and commissions.

This just keeps going and building - we all get Downline - bonus - and commissions!!

This is the internet and we are in 26 countries!! This downline is infinite!

This is brilliant - and less than a month old! 

We want everyone to succeed!! WE WANT YOU WITH US!

The Women's Power Network Is Here!