Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Women’s Power Networks Secret to Building a Massive Downline

The ultimate measure of your primary MLM business success is how large your downline is and how active and prosperous their downlines are.

If you have been around network marketing for a while, you may have attended meetings used to advertise different business opportunities. Many prospects come to these meetings and ultimately some people will sign up to be a part of the business. Many of these prospects do not understand the system and ultimately turn out to be unsuccessful. Many people’s downlines are filled with individuals who do not work actively at the business. How many people in your downline are active and involved in the business? That right there is how you discover the secret to building a massive downline. You have to find those individuals who have a keen interest in networking marketing and will be active in building their business. You have to help them become successful and this will make you more successful.

With this in mind – keep the Women’s Power Network in mind.

To truly attract people, this can happen through attraction marketing. With attraction marketing, you are focused on marketing that will attract people who will come to your website on their own. This is very cost effective as far as your marketing. This can happen through positioning your primary MLM business correctly and then focusing on how you can communicate your business to others. This can work very effectively when you are using social networking in connection with attraction marketing. With social networking, you will interact with online communities focused around the interest areas that are of importance. If these do not exist, create online communities focused around those interest areas.

Again – keep the Women’sPower Network in mind.

To truly be effective in your primary MLM business, it is essential to understand where to find people. This is where the social networking will be the most effective. Online communities can be very easy to find and it helps you with interacting with potential prospects. You can develop prospects plus it is a great form of market research. You can understand your prospects along with what can help solve their problems.

The Women’s PowerNetwork always promotes the ‘page’.  They are bringing marketers together willing to work together, building together, encouraging one massive downline together.

Another part of the secret in building a massive downline is that you must have a system in place. If the growth of your downline is dependent upon you deciding when you work and what you will do every day, you will limit your growth and how far you can ultimately go. You must have a system in place so that you complete certain steps every day to continue to those truly interested and people who truly can be MLM professionals. Many network marketing individuals are constantly looking for these same people so this system can be one way that you can be more successful at showing them what you have to offer than the next guy down the road.

The Women’s Power Network has taken all the positives of Network Marketing, takes the struggle out of your internet experience and offers a safe haven for success.   Within one month they have gathered over a thousand interested participants and with a conversion of 20% have begun a very strong build that is working.  Team members feel the empowerment of all working for the team’s common goal, for everyone to succeed.  It’s working!


  1. Women's Power Network sounds like an exciting new idea!

  2. You are certainly invited to come and take a look at our fabulous team! Thank You for all the fantastic comments - they are greatly appreciated!

  3. Women's Power Network has got it right - we can't be in it for ourselves, but in it for one another and THEN we all benefit! Ever been to horse pull? The more horses that are harnessed together the more weight then can move, right? But did you know that the amount of weight possible increases EXPONENTIALLY? There is power in numbers when we all pull together.

  4. I have been involved in Network Marketing for three years. I'm convinced it is the best type of work. But, since Women's Power Network I feel empowered because it is a team effort to achieve my goals there is power in Numbers. A great team to be part of.