Our Team Build

Our Team Build

We are a group of dynamic women, locking arms and building a downline together. This is a group build. No one is left on their own. We will be working side by side in the same company helping each other prosper and grow. We are committed to EVERYONE'S success! 

Our mission is to create the largest network of women entrepreneurs in the world. We are all working together to empower each other to be successful.

Together, we will be joining the biggest cause driven opportunity on the planet with an established proven company and a team that has an incredible system that is creating millionaires NOW.

To Join Our team:  Click on picture below

To be a Part of WPN's Group Build Join us:

Click On 'FILE' tab and follow the simple instructions

You must join through our FaceBook Page 

to benefit from the WPN Team Build!


Email info to:  WPNbuild@gmail.com


  1. Love this new video - It captures what we are all about. Awesome Nina!

  2. great work, Nina! very engaging!

  3. This is great and the music really sets the tone for our environment. No stress, No selling just team work! Great job Nina

  4. What a great video - love it....
    Thanks for putting this together it is truly awesome :)
    We have such a fantastic team of caring individuals we can't help but succeed.

    Join hands and succeed with us!!

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