Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Choose Women's Power Network!

Welcome to WPN (as we like to call it). 

We are in the process of building an MLM Downline together as '1 Force'. This Facebook Page is an introduction to our build, the company we have signed, and how we work. 
This is your opportunity to join our business build. We have a wealth of information in the "FILE" tab located in our Focebook page.

We are working differently than most MLM builds - we are going deep - not wide.

Each member signed with the WPN Company (Synergy) understands that it only takes 2 people for everybody that joins us to begin the journey of earning commissions. 

My first commission check from my very first MLM was 12.50 - that was over 2 years ago. I am still receiving commission checks - and they are much larger now - but that took time. And they will continue to grow larger as people signup. The more people that sign up - the bigger my commission check gets. It will not happen overnight - and if you believe it will - this may not be for you. If you join any MLM with the expectations of earning a lot of money overnight - or next month - you will be disappointed, quickly annoyed and quit the MLM program. You have now lost money and curse MLM's for not working. 

With any MLM, and if you work it very hard (because it is your business), you should not expect any commissions for the first 3 - 6 months. That is just a common practice with any Direct Marketer. Of course if you are a 'marketing guru' - than you have worked hard to gain a following. A 'Guru' can throw a company up in the air and get 100 signups - all in one day. They make up the 3% we all aspire to be. But I always questioned how deep their downlines grew. The really successful ones - watered their downlines and grew deep roots. Their commissions grow monthly.

WPN is putting 1,000's of baby gurus together - and building as 1. You get the next position after the last signed (to our business build). Each time someone signs up (to our business build) - that upline makes commission. And in WPN/Synergy - we have Commissions being paid - a downline growing with deep roots. IN ONE MONTH – WE ARE MAKING MONEY!! We have just begun! This is AWESOME!!

Commissions will be paid as fast as our downline grows - and it is growing quickly. Patti Vaillant, Alyson MacLeod, and Kerry Andres have developed this concept, and it is working exceptionally well. Each member that joins becomes a part of our build - and begins to "Promote Our Page". When you understand our concept - you will join immediately. 

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  1. WOW This build is exploding! Over 1 thousand joined the group the first month! Wonderful group of dedicated women! Hold on this one is moving fast. And by the way... it's not just for women!