Sunday, June 10, 2012

MLM Team Build

It's new and different and working really well - and we want you to be in it with us. We are growing steadily and our downline is getting deeper. To be in a MLM build - that feels so good!

Do you really want to be successful in Internet Marketing - than please take a look at what we are doing! WPN/SYNERGY is JUST DOING IT! and we want you with us. We have a fantastic team that is creating 'synergized massive momentum', that are working together to reach long term MLM success. 

You have to start thinking a little differently, and sleep tonight thinking "PROMOTE THE PAGE AND NOT THE PRODUCT!" 
Ready - clear your mind and take a look at the photo above and start dreaming about deep, deep downlines! 

How we build: Patti is red and Kerry and Allyson are yellow. They were the first 3 in and Patty has 2 in her downline. They are the creators of WPN and the SYNERGY TEAM' thanks them every day!!

Now, Jenn, Kim, Ilana and Trevor are the next 4 to get 'synergized'. They are our green figures and 2 more downlines built and a $200 bonus is paid (Congratulations Patti! - Job well done!). Alyson and Kerry now have downline! WooHoo! The next 8 people (our blue line) go under Jenn, Kim, Ilana and Trevor. You are placed as you are 'SYNERGIZED'. And Congratulations to Kerry and Alyson - they have $200 bonus! and commissions.

This just keeps going and building - we all get Downline - bonus - and commissions!!

This is the internet and we are in 26 countries!! This downline is infinite!

This is brilliant - and less than a month old! 

We want everyone to succeed!! WE WANT YOU WITH US!


  1. Success is one click of the mouse! Don't get left behind...We are the fastest most successful build Ever!

    Carmie Leo

  2. Thank you, Nina Spelman, for making the Women's Power Network website. You definitely are a team player! Together Everyone Achieves More!!!

    Hey, you there, head on over and check out the Women's Power Network FB Site:

  3. I love checking my down line. It is a game to see when my two legs will be built. We are growing so fast. It is great to be a team. Strength in numbers. Plus we all understand the process.

  4. When you visit this Blog you will know why I am so proud! This is true Teamwork at it's greatest. This blog says it All. Check us out @

    Carmie Leo

  5. This truly is an extraordinary group of women [and men] committed to ensuring EVERYONE'S success. We are growing dynamically with everyone on the team stepping up to post and help get the word out.

    You DO NOT have to do it alone!
    You DO NOT have to recruit!
    You DO NOT have to sell!

    Just be a team player and help us spread the word AROUND THE WORLD that this is a place where you WILL succeed!

  6. Whether you're a woman or a man, whether you are an experienced networker or just starting out, whether you're successful already and involved with other businesses or you are one of the 97% who have failed at network marketing, the Women's Power Network is the place to be!
    Being able to work (if you can call this work!) with a great bunch of dynamic and ethical and supportive people across the world for everybody's success and prosperity is surely the biggest bonus anyone could ever wish for. For the price of £110 (GBP) per month I not only get some amazing products for our health (which I buy anyway), I also get a business built for me!